Bull's Eye Necklace in Natural Stone


Bull's Eye Necklace in Natural Stone $27.00

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Bull's Eye Necklace in Natural Stone

Embody raw strength and determination with our bull's eye necklace . Embrace the symbol of courage and determination. This radiant stone with red nuances is very effective in lithotherapy due to its many magical virtues.

Why choose our natural stone bull's eye necklace?

  • Natural stone: natural stone ball
  • Comfort: Comfortable and without discomfort
  • Dimensions: Bull's eye bead: 16 mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Length: 66cm
  • Material: bull's eye stone , black nylon cord

Wear this red bull's eye necklace to make your presence felt. The target is a stone of protection, it is a true shield against negative energies. It will give you unwavering confidence and incredible mental strength.

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