Semiprecious Hawkeye Bracelet


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Shamballa Bracelet in Semiprecious Stone

This semi-precious stone shamballa bracelet will help you stay calm. Be serene and relaxed thanks to the virtues of Hawk's Eye .

Natural stone shamballa bracelet

Hawk's eye stone is a pure and natural stone from the quartz family. Add this must-have glass to your collection. In addition to giving an unmatched style, a shamballa bracelet made of natural stones helps you have more confidence in yourself. Wear a blue hawk's eye bracelet to live more peacefully. It is a protective stone in lithotherapy, providing numerous virtues for the body and mind.

Categories: Tiger Eye Bracelet , Hawk Eye Bracelet

Why choose our Semiprecious Hawk's Eye Bracelet?

  • 100% natural: This bracelet is made with **high quality** natural stones for pure energy.
  • String closure: Easy to adjust and comfortable to wear on your wrist.
  • Bead Diameter: 8mm: Ideal size for a perfect fit.
  • Material: Hawk's eye is a unique gemstone with positive properties for your well-being.


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